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Harry Potter And The Broken Dream by Kash Indabank Harry’s adventures continue in book number XXVII when he breaks his nose running into platform 9 3/4 and discovers to his dismay that all the other books were lies, he had in fact been inebriated for the last ten years. His owl was a mop head […]

Grumpty Dumpty

GRUMPTY DUMPTY If it wasn’t for bad luck he’d have no luck at all. Grumpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Throughly annoyed after his fall, Bugger the kings horses and all his men, The sods have put my feet on backwards again.   Grumpty Dumpty rode on a bus, Suddenly from upstairs came such a […]

Safety In Cucumbers

At some point in a shopping trip most men visit the safety seat, you know the ones, they are always next to the changing rooms. Groups of men huddle with their faces buried in their mobile phones as they wait for their better half to finish looking at garment number 726 before deciding that the […]

Flickety Flick Flick

Remember the television series ‘One Foot In The Grave’ with the ever suffering Victor Meldrew? I remember it primarily because my life seems to revolve around Victor Meldrew moments, moments that you wonder if they have been scripted or arranged for maximum surrealness by unknown hands. Take Monday for instance where I found myself and […]