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The A-Z of Christmas by Peter The Reindeer

Oh no! It’s that time of year again! Advent Calendars Twenty four disappointing doors with lacklustre images or chocolate, much easier to line up twenty four bottles of wine for a much more fun start to the day. Tip :Don’t buy the new Downing Street calendar, there’s nothing behind any of the doors apart from […]

Welcome To Your 14-Day Guide – All Your Family Favourites! Best Value Double Issue ONLY 95p

Welcome to your 14-Day Guide All your family favourites! Best Value Double Issue 95p CHRISTMAS DAY HIGHLIGHTS Guide written by TV Pundit, Ivor Crimblecock BBC1 4:00am Christmas LIVE Secret cameras record children as they wake up and drag their drunk parents out of bed to watch them rip open mountains of presents and discard them […]

FREE GIFT! Knob Twiddler Weakly

In celebration of Peter and Jayne appearing at Castle Galleries Norwich tomorrow between 1-4pm all welcome here’s our Friday Free Gift to you, the knob twiddling public!Your pocket guide to Christmas Day television and beyond, simply use our patent screen scissors to cut out your computer or laptop screen to have this free guide to […]

Hee-Haw!!!!!! Look At My ASS!

Its Monday morning so its time for Donkey Wise Donkey Advise, our regular column dedicated to your problems with our Wise Donkey solutions. Todays blog has been sponsored by www.donkeydodonkeydontdonkeywisedonkeylies.com a subsidiarity of www.sheepgobaapigsgooinkandpandassitaroundalotandlooksad.comDear Three Wise Donkeys,I am a working mother of two and I have recently run up a large credit card bill without my husbands […]

Bustin’ Make’s You Feel Good

CASE NUMBER 435 – DOUBLE TROUBLE The first we knew of the event was when the Toastbusters hotline rang. A full soft white farmhouse slice apparition had appeared at an undisclosed location, they are terrifying at the best of times but this had a new twist, it was in the shape of Elvis. Witnesses say […]