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It’s been a very, very long time since I have had the time to update the blog with a new entry, it did used to get updated most days with various surreal and strange entries but gradually the creative side of the Impossimals have taken over my waking hours. Fortunately I have a little more […]

READ EM! All Our Secrets Right Here!

I love carpark picnics, a chance to dine from tupperware when we visit galleries for appearances but have you ever wondered why we put ourselves through it and all the extensive travelling? It’s certainly not originally out of choice, it’s more of something that has been thrust upon us over the years after experiencing varying […]

101 Interesting Ways To Expire

I’m often surprised at some of the random things we get up to; some are planned, others come out of nowhere and others, well, others, just happen. Little did I realise last year that when we upsticks and moved Impossimal HQ after living for eighteen years in the same place that life in general would become […]


Many people are turning to the ancient art of Oribarmi, or useless paper folding to replace disappointing television as entertainment. It’s quite easy to do and to get you on your way here’s a few easy projects to make some stunning paper sculptures. All you need a a piece of paper similar to the above. […]

Stop! Look! It’s The Law!

Detective Sergent Collywobble here and today I want to tell you about some of the improvements to the police force in your area and assure you that government cuts will not effect you in any way. Don’t forget to dial 01821-PIZZA-XPRESS to get through to our handy Polica-Pizza-Pie ordering service which in no way is […]

Where Have All The Impossimals Gone?

You may have noticed a bit of a change of pace this year, Impossimals normally make their appearance around February but this year they have still to make an appearance. It’s something they have done like clockwork every year since 2005 so what better way after whizzing through the Impossimal ten year mark in 2015 […]

A Piece Of Pee

It’s been a while since I have posted on the blog about some of the more usual unusual experiences I have had lately that has left me feeling like I’m in the twilight zone, it’s not that I don’t want to share these unique experiences it’s just that with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, […]

Bro’Bot Episode 7 – Honest V1.2

In a never ending ongoing saga now approaching episode 7,  Bro’bot our superior artificial intelligence robot gets access to the t’internet… Morning Bro’bot, have I got something for you! Something serious I hope, something untreatable? Don’t be like that Bro’bot, you are going to like this. Really? I can’t remember the last time I liked […]

Pop-A-Doodle-Doo Countdown!

Our pop pundits have been scouring the galaxy to bring you nine brand new top hit LP’s catapulting you into a New Year of new music and high energy disco pop rap country beats. Ronnie Retrospeks reviews our newest and grooviest selection of pap, err, I mean pop to enter the scene for all you […]

Are You A Fluffer?

Don’t laugh, I wear socks. OK, I know that most people wear socks so maybe I was a bit premature, so don’t laugh, I wear bed socks. You can stop laughing now. It keeps my tootsies warm during these winter months and the funny thing is I don’t wear anything else. Scrub that, far too […]