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Hare Today

Not a bad start to the year, we have just entered the fourth month and I’m starting number 11,12 and 13 Impossimal paintings of the year. They are a combination of model constructed Impossimal pieces and others that have been developed directly onto the canvas from several sketches. They do look slightly different to each […]

World Of Impossimals

 I have finally decided to start an official page for the Impossimals on Facebook, I know, I know, I’m way behind with all this but it’s taken a little bit of planning you see. It all started with the website update, part of a massive overhaul of the Impossimal world for 2014 as we see […]

A Night To Remember

It’s now less than three weeks before you get your chance to bid on this very special piece at The Mariposa Ball as part of our support for Saying Goodbye ( http://www.sayinggoodbye.org/ ) in association with HELLO! Magazine on Saturday 22nd March 2014 at the stunning 5-Star Landmark Hotel, London. This unique original features the founders of Saying […]

Wales Of A Time

We have a new travelling Impossimal companion this weekend as we venture into Wales to the heart of Cardiff. Pierre will be taking over from Tapir until Christmas and he promises to get festive along the way, we might even get a little cranberry sauce with our carpark picnics. Tomorrow promises to be a hurl […]

Peter The Painting Tapir

 This weekend Peter is out of the studio and allowed to mingle, come along and meet the worlds only painting Tapir (NB Photograph may not be an accurate representation of Peter, also Peter contrary to popular belief is not a cat and does not own 673 cats either as his Facebook posts may represent) Special […]

Hair Today

Stay with the blog today, it does get silly but this first bit is difficult to type without sounding arty and stuffy, it may help if you read the next bit as your favourite cartoon character from your childhood. The show stock has all been signed off, mounting and framing is underway and the tour […]