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READ EM! All Our Secrets Right Here!

I love carpark picnics, a chance to dine from tupperware when we visit galleries for appearances but have you ever wondered why we put ourselves through it and all the extensive travelling? It’s certainly not originally out of choice, it’s more of something that has been thrust upon us over the years after experiencing varying […]

101 Interesting Ways To Expire

I’m often surprised at some of the random things we get up to; some are planned, others come out of nowhere and others, well, others, just happen. Little did I realise last year that when we upsticks and moved Impossimal HQ after living for eighteen years in the same place that life in general would become […]

Hit Him! Right In The Goolies!

“The knuckles of Reginald Barker’s right hand thudded into Ricky’s spine, but Ricky scarcely felt the pain of the blow.” Wow! What are you reading? Sounds awfully violent and rakish! Thudding fists and spinal injury, why, it must be no other than the Children’s Dandy Annual for 1970. You can read the above line in […]

What A Mug

‘We Love Real’ was a project the Impossimals shared with The Post Office a few years ago, basically we were allocated a pigeon hole and allowed to send anything to it, this was then photographed and posed online, a bit like a ‘real’ social media space. Anybody could log onto our live pigeon hole and […]

The A-Z of Christmas by Peter The Reindeer

Oh no! It’s that time of year again! Advent Calendars Twenty four disappointing doors with lacklustre images or chocolate, much easier to line up twenty four bottles of wine for a much more fun start to the day. Tip :Don’t buy the new Downing Street calendar, there’s nothing behind any of the doors apart from […]

Bro’Bot Episode 6 – Cockney Chip V3.2

Guess what Bro’bot, I have been on eBay and found a new language chip for you! How bloody interesting, I sit here entertaining you day in, day out and you reward me with a chip so I can speak French. Do you know how many languages I know? Plus que toi, cela est français vous ignoriez puce […]

Lidl Donkey

In 1977 I received a book for Christmas, it was called ‘The Making of The Goodies Disaster Movie’ a surreal bit of work written by the Goodies. Graham Garden, Bill Oddie and Tim Brooke-Taylor who wrote and played the Goodies on television was surreal entertainment at its best and helped shaped my skewed view on […]

It’s Not All Stupid Hats And Pointy Beards

Today is the day we celebrate Guy Fawkes ‘having a go’ but how much do you really know about the 5th November celebrations? 1) Guy Fawkes was not his real name, it was his stage name for when he liked to dress up in bawdy underwear and strut around Ole London in nothing but his […]

Talking Ballcocks

Part seven of our gentle series of scientific discussions continues with ‘Talking Ballcocks’, this week Reginald and Harold discuss the wind giving properties of pickle based items. The scene opens with a gentle river flowing through idyllic countryside, our two gentlemen drift aimlessly in a small wooden boat. We join them admist a conversation that […]