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The garden is gradually coming to life with the addition of plenty of new plants and a lick of paint. It amazing how one can of weather shield can transform buildings, pots and even bird tables making the whole garden look a lot brighter than before. The veg bed in Bunnyopolis has also started to […]

You May Feel A Small Prick

DOCTOR PLOOBADOOFS FIRST AID TIPS This handy fold out pocket guide is an invaluable tome of information for all those holiday home accidents you are liable to have during the Easter period. Look up your ailment and follow the accurate guidelines by our resident specialist Doctor Ploobadoof. SMALL CUTS Dress the wound. I find a […]

Hare Today

Not a bad start to the year, we have just entered the fourth month and I’m starting number 11,12 and 13 Impossimal paintings of the year. They are a combination of model constructed Impossimal pieces and others that have been developed directly onto the canvas from several sketches. They do look slightly different to each […]

Get In!

Fancy spending this coming Saturday 22nd March at 7:30pm being entertained, dining on world class food and being part of one of the big events in Londons prestigious Landmark Hotel?  Due to popular demand we have been allocated a few more exclusive tickets to this fabulous event The Mariposa Masquerade Ball in conjunction with HELLO! […]

Titter Ye Not

After spending pretty much most of the time either cooped up in the studio or on tour last year we decided to change our working habits and become a little more flexible in 2014. This involves making sure we have at least one day a week out and about to break up the routine. Yesterday […]


Welcome to perfectopartner.com Comp-u-date, please fill in our questionnaire to find your perfect partner in seconds. Love guaranteed at first sight, soul mates a speciality, no time wasters or pugly people. Ideal build A) Slim and svelte B) Average with a tendency to over eat C) Bouncy castle D) Thunder thighs with roll top bottom […]

Terror Treasures Of The World (issue one)

Issue 1 of 250, First Issue 10p with free Telephone Of Terror plastic replica Normal Price £4.99 Welcome this stunning collection of antiquities and mysterious objects that aim to beguile and amaze you. In easy to collect parts over the next 250 weeks it will build up into a stunning library that will stun visitors […]


Morning ladies, as you know I am Canny Fradock the celebrity cook from off the television and whilst I get through my breakfast I am going to teach you how to feed your family the Canny way using my new book Canny Creative Cooking available from all good book shops in 1953. We all know […]

TV Pluschoiceradiotimes

Welcome to your 14-Day Guide All your family favourites! Best Value Double Issue 95p CHRISTMAS DAY HIGHLIGHTS Guide written by TV Pundit, Ivor Crimblecock BBC1 4:00am Christmas LIVE Secret cameras record children as they wake up and drag their drunk parents out of bed to watch them rip open mountains of presents and discard them […]