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101 Interesting Ways To Expire

I’m often surprised at some of the random things we get up to; some are planned, others come out of nowhere and others, well, others, just happen. Little did I realise last year that when we upsticks and moved Impossimal HQ after living for eighteen years in the same place that life in general would become […]

Get In!

Fancy spending this coming Saturday 22nd March at 7:30pm being entertained, dining on world class food and being part of one of the big events in Londons prestigious Landmark Hotel?  Due to popular demand we have been allocated a few more exclusive tickets to this fabulous event The Mariposa Masquerade Ball in conjunction with HELLO! […]

Titter Ye Not

After spending pretty much most of the time either cooped up in the studio or on tour last year we decided to change our working habits and become a little more flexible in 2014. This involves making sure we have at least one day a week out and about to break up the routine. Yesterday […]

A Night To Remember

It’s now less than three weeks before you get your chance to bid on this very special piece at The Mariposa Ball as part of our support for Saying Goodbye ( http://www.sayinggoodbye.org/ ) in association with HELLO! Magazine on Saturday 22nd March 2014 at the stunning 5-Star Landmark Hotel, London. This unique original features the founders of Saying […]

Speak Up, You’re Mumbling

Welcome to the University Of Proper English, we aim to educate our students in the principles of using the correct grandma and how to avoid embarrassing shiitake from over enthusiastic spell chequers. During our six week coarse you will lean how to spot mistakes as they happened. From spelling errors to languish difficulties our tutors […]

Level Up

It’s taken a while to build such an awesome team and you cannot imagine how excited and proud we are to announce that Suppertime Entertainment, Yowza Digital, Creating4Kids and of course ourselves will be joining forces to take the Impossimals to the next level. There’s still plenty of work to do yet but here’s the […]