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Hit Him! Right In The Goolies!

“The knuckles of Reginald Barker’s right hand thudded into Ricky’s spine, but Ricky scarcely felt the pain of the blow.” Wow! What are you reading? Sounds awfully violent and rakish! Thudding fists and spinal injury, why, it must be no other than the Children’s Dandy Annual for 1970. You can read the above line in […]

No.2 ROAR!!!!

 Marvel as the blog brings you the first thrilling adventure story from the mind of the master of the unknown unknowns who unknowingly unleashes the unknown into the unknown. Prepare for the unknown with ROAR!!!  It’s going to be rough!  I like it rough!  Better than a pump!  All night!!!!!!  Good god! It’s Uncontrollable!  Take […]