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Statistically Squeaking

I love patterns and statistics and I like nothing more than passing time with my head in a book full of useless information. If I was a morbid fellow there is one section in one of my books that would make sure I never left my bed again, it’s called ‘Chances are…’ Some of the chances […]

Chez Nomnom

Welcome to our world famous two michelin tyres restaurant complete with complimentary swearing chef, waiters that will do their upmost to look down their noses and spit in your stew and of course our world famous cuisine made from the finest ingredients and plenty of chemicals to make things froth and bubble. In other words […]

Kung Feck Kitten Sexist Test

1. Its Friday and free gift time! Today our in depth probing questionnaire will attempt to work out if you are angry, a male chauvinist pig or a cat through the use of clever psychological techniques kept secret for millions of years. Simply answer A,B or C and use the chart at the end to […]