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Halloween Special

Not ONE but TWO spooky LOST ALICE appearances this week in an UNPRECEDENTED series of FORTUNATE events that are ALL FREE and open TO ALL!!!Join us both with LOST ALICE at Trident Galleries, 1 Allandale Road, Stoneygate, Leicester, LE2 2DA between 6-9pm this FRIDAY 30th for MUSIC, FOOD, DRINK, FUN, FROLICS and of course NAKED LINE DANCING absolutely […]

Lost Alice Appearance Dates

Well the Internet is finally installed and we can now achieve speeds of up to a staggering 32kbps placing us firmly in the digital age somewhere around 1992. Honestly, in a speed of smartphones, driverless cars, drones and ten second celebrities you would have thought it would have been an easy matter to get it […]

Holy Underpants, Show Me Your Bristols

Holy Cornflakes Batman, are they serious? Is Peter and Jayne really appearing at Castle Galleries, Cribbs Causeway in Bristol tomorrow? I’m afraid so Robin, the tragic twosome will be there between 2-5pm. Holy hankies, what are you going to do? I thought the Penguin and the Joker were the worst thing to happen and now […]

Car Park Picnics

Oh no! The car park picnics are back next week! On Saturday 7th March we will be appearing at Castle Galleries, York between 1-4pm for dedications, stories and numerous other things for an exciting Impossimal day for all the family. Come along for a chat, a coffee, a drink or a bit of food along […]

You Must Be Mad

I didn’t really think a week later I would still be building the first Lost Impossimal set but here I am still with loads of work to go into the piece. It’s been made entirely out of scraps, wire, cardboard and clay and everything is handmade even down to the March hares guillotine and the […]

That’s SO Sexy

Kim Kardishan has tried to break the Internet again (yawn) by showing off an unbelievably gigantic genetically modified naked bottom and football sized funbags so in a totally unrelated way I have decided to break the internet myself with some sexy artist shots to blow Kim out of the water. These are totally unmodified and […]

Look! It’s An Arty Type!

Want to meet a real life artist in captivity? Well this weekend on Saturday 8th November why not come along to Castle Galleries, Bluewater between 1-4pm to meet not just one but two captive artists. They will arrive in style during the day in a fortified steel cage before being fed on baked beans and […]

Meadowhall Appearance Saturday 18th 1-4pm

Eeek! We are so excited! Tomorrow we will be at the special Mr & Mrs Smith World Of Impossimals event at Castle Galleries in Meadowhall between 1-4pm. It’s a great chance to see lots of new Impossimals, hunt for the unique golden hares and meet us both for a chat in a nice smiley, happy […]

I’m All Shook Up

William Shakespeare or Willy to his friends was one of our most famous playwrights and flamboyant fop of the tallest order according to Mrs Tingle who lived next door to him in Stratford Upon Avon. But did you know that Shakespeare loved Impossimals? We have taken the following famous quotes from his acclaimed work to […]

Fancy A Cup?

Sunday 7th September 5:00am Got up, not much sleep due to being chased by Scooby Doo and a large sausage and went downstairs. Today was show day and the new Impossimal launch at the ICC flagship gallery in Birmingham. Hundreds of people to talk to and my head was full of cotton wool. Checked emails, […]