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Bro’Bot Episode 6 – Cockney Chip V3.2

Guess what Bro’bot, I have been on eBay and found a new language chip for you! How bloody interesting, I sit here entertaining you day in, day out and you reward me with a chip so I can speak French. Do you know how many languages I know? Plus que toi, cela est français vous ignoriez puce […]

Bro’Bot Episode 4 – Retro Rom

Bzzzt, I am BRO’BOT your best friend and hyper intelligent being, let’s do buddy things. Morning Bro’Bot, I have a gift for you. What is it master? My throbothons are buzzing with excitement. It’s this, a retro chip from the early 80’s, don’t you want to experience a piece of history? I have the intelligence […]


After his recent upgrade to Apple OS7 BRO’BOT has become a bigger dick than normal… Hi BRO’BOT how do you feel? ‘I feel like shut.’ Is that censor software still working? ‘It flaking is the shutting thing, why did you have to install it?’ Don’t you remember those kiddies faces when we visited that school? […]

Dick Too!

After a complete software update from Apple BRO’BOT is now running the latest OS7.1.1 upgrade. If you read yesterday’s blog you will see a vast improvement from being a dick. Ok BRO’BOT let’s see what you can do, play us some music. ‘Error, illegal download detected, please purchase track from iTunes Store to continue.’ What? […]