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Last Chance For Chapter Five And A Bit Of Uncommon Nonsense

Tomorrow, Saturday 12th December at The Evergreen Art Cafe in Daventry is the last appearance date of the Lost Alice tour, a befitting end at a location so ideally suited to tea and cakes. So for one final time, if you get chance pop along anytime between 11am-3pm for a chat, cup of tea or […]

Halloween Special

Not ONE but TWO spooky LOST ALICE appearances this week in an UNPRECEDENTED series of FORTUNATE events that are ALL FREE and open TO ALL!!!Join us both with LOST ALICE at Trident Galleries, 1 Allandale Road, Stoneygate, Leicester, LE2 2DA between 6-9pm this FRIDAY 30th for MUSIC, FOOD, DRINK, FUN, FROLICS and of course NAKED LINE DANCING absolutely […]

22nd March Artistic Poses And Possible Nudity

Our GoGoDragon is nearly complete, just a few tweaks and coats of varnish and after two months of work Knickerbockergloria prepares to leave the studio. It’s all part of a busy week this week as Jayne drops off a new batch of wildlife artwork and we both prepare for this weekend and an appearance at […]

Car Park Picnics

Oh no! The car park picnics are back next week! On Saturday 7th March we will be appearing at Castle Galleries, York between 1-4pm for dedications, stories and numerous other things for an exciting Impossimal day for all the family. Come along for a chat, a coffee, a drink or a bit of food along […]

Three New 2015 Appearances

Knickerbockergloria part way through her transformation We have such a lot lined up this year and it’s only just over a week before five new Impossimal limited editions are released so we thought we had better update you with three new appearances we have managed to shoehorn in, they are… Castle Galleries, York, Saturday 7 […]


Harry Potter And The Broken Dream by Kash Indabank Harry’s adventures continue in book number XXVII when he breaks his nose running into platform 9 3/4 and discovers to his dismay that all the other books were lies, he had in fact been inebriated for the last ten years. His owl was a mop head […]

Meadowhall Appearance Saturday 18th 1-4pm

Eeek! We are so excited! Tomorrow we will be at the special Mr & Mrs Smith World Of Impossimals event at Castle Galleries in Meadowhall between 1-4pm. It’s a great chance to see lots of new Impossimals, hunt for the unique golden hares and meet us both for a chat in a nice smiley, happy […]

Let’s Roll

Psssst, only three appearances left to get your special Impossimal dedications or to hear the stories behind your Impossimal pieces before Peter gets locked in his studio for two years without food or water with only Plasticine and a few matchsticks for company. This weekend is a big weekend, not only will Peter be bringing […]

Are You Ready’ing? See What I Did There, lol, rotfl, OMG, oh dear.

If you would like to chat to a ‘nut job’ and be privy to an assortment of flowery words or alternatively have a piece dedicated for Christmas before they lock him away then come along to this weekends free events. On Saturday 7th Peter will be at Castle Galleries in Reading between 1-4pm and on […]


Here’s something quite amazing, the gallery Castle Fine Art in Cardiff in which we made and appearance on Saturday didn’t actually exist in its entirety until 3am that very morning, an hour before we got up to get ready for the days travelling having moved premises from its Cardiff Bay location the day before, how […]