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Last Chance For Chapter Five And A Bit Of Uncommon Nonsense

Tomorrow, Saturday 12th December at The Evergreen Art Cafe in Daventry is the last appearance date of the Lost Alice tour, a befitting end at a location so ideally suited to tea and cakes. So for one final time, if you get chance pop along anytime between 11am-3pm for a chat, cup of tea or […]

Come Dine With Alice

Fancy visiting a wonderful sea front hotel for a spot to eat or a quiet drink in sumptuous surroundings? Do you like Alice in Wonderland and the Impossimals and wish you could pop your head into their world for a little while? Now you can with The Downcliffe Hotel in Filey and their new Lost […]

Lost No More.

Website updated, Magazine available, New Lost Impossimal website with beginning chapters online and galleries up and down the country ready. LOST ALICE has arrived See it first this weekend at Castle Galleries, Bluewater this Saturday 26th between 1-4pm and meet us both, we will also be bringing along originals, sketches and maquettes from the releases […]

Molly Knickerelastics Rubber Pants

Ahh, it was the title that led you here wasn’t it you dirty little minx! For those of you that are new to this blog you probably think it only gets updated every once in a while, recent posts have been somewhat sparse. Normally the blog is updated five days a week with random guff […]

Lost Alice Appearance Dates

Well the Internet is finally installed and we can now achieve speeds of up to a staggering 32kbps placing us firmly in the digital age somewhere around 1992. Honestly, in a speed of smartphones, driverless cars, drones and ten second celebrities you would have thought it would have been an easy matter to get it […]

Ten Things To Consider When Moving House

1) Don’t move, ever. If you hear the words conveyancing or mortgage then set fire to your pants, poke yourself in the eye or remove hair using pliers, under no circumstances consider moving unless you wish to endure week upon week of relentless pain. 2) Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of moving […]

Lost Alice – Are You Ready?

Done. Complete. Lost Alice after nine months is finished. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, probably one of the most imaginatively creative popular books of our time celebrated its 150th anniversary this year, a cornerstone of children’s literature and the inspiration for a thousand  more it has no equal. A book full of humour, puzzling situations, lateral […]

A New Wonder In Wonderland

After nine months, one Knickerbockergloria dragon, a Michelin starred Impossimal night, 36kg of clay, six massive eight foot sets, industrial lighting rigs, 36 maquettes and over 5,000 individually made objects we have reached the final stage and the last painting that make up Lost Alice, this years major Impossimal release pencilled in for September. Originally […]