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Titter Ye Not

After spending pretty much most of the time either cooped up in the studio or on tour last year we decided to change our working habits and become a little more flexible in 2014. This involves making sure we have at least one day a week out and about to break up the routine. Yesterday […]

Terror Treasures Of The World (issue two)

Issue 2 of 250, Second Issue 50p with free Carrier Bag Of Craziness. Normal Price £4.99 Welcome this stunning collection of antiquities and mysterious objects that aim to beguile and amaze you. In easy to collect parts over the next 250 weeks it will build up into a stunning library that will stun visitors with […]

Rock Scissor Balls

You know it’s gong to be one of those days when you venture out of the studio for supplies and the first thing you see is this. I have no doubt it does exactly what it says it’s more about the implications that bother me. ‘Cuts the THICKEST’, wow, are we talking width, depth or […]

Virtual Reality

LOADING (C) 1984 Sarcastic Adams Adventure Series Welcome To Smelly Cavern Adventure Pt 1 You are in a cavern it is dark and smelly, you see a lamp on the floor, exits are North. What would you like to do? “Light Lamp” You light the lamp, you are in a dark cavern holding a lamp. […]